An individual or an institution owes you money but they are ignoring you, what can you do? We can help you! We are a licensed Collections Agency that can help you resolve unpaid debts in an amicable and a friendly manner. We mediate between all types of creditors and debtors. Our Collections Agency works with a variety of businesses including real-estate companies, law firms and others.


Our team of experts provide specialized security consultancy services. This includes pre-employment background verifications, threat assessments and security analysis reports, loss prevention studies and vulnerability testing for businesses and government institutions. We also offer high-risk event planning, and operational and budgetary guidance for large scale security projects.


Our licensed investigators bring years of experience from law enforcement and military industries. We specialize in corporate fraud investigations and infiltrations in high-risk work environments. We present law firms with essential proof for their clients, amid marital disputes.


Our information technology analysts offer a variety of cyber-surveillance and cyber-security solutions. We provide guidance and assistance to clients before, during and after a cyber-attack. We can train you to better protect your cyber infrastructure as well as prevent social engineering attacks.


Our security experts create and deliver tailored Emergency Preparedness training programs for both government and corporate institutions. During these sessions, trainees receive hands-on training on how to deal with an active shooter and lockdown incidents. We also educate the trainees on how to identify and manage telephone bomb threats, suspicious mail items / parcels, suspicious vehicles, situational awareness, and basic behavioral profiling techniques of potential suspects.


We offer a variety of travel safety solutions and workshops. We support companies and individuals with assets and interests in high-risk areas around the world. Our services include international emergency extractions and medical assistance. Our team of researchers continuously monitor our clients’ regional assets and provide them with tailored risk assessment reports. We offer a number of workshops and hands-on training sessions on cultural etiquette and global radicalization, surveillance detection and situational awareness.