Perceptage International is a first-class security consulting firm serving a diverse client base which includes financial institutions, private companies, educational establishments, charitable organizations and places of worship. We provide Businesses and Institutions with effective, discreet and exceptionally vigilant security and investigative advice.

For over a decade, Perceptage International team members have provided security consulting services internationally and have worked with numerous law enforcement agencies around the globe. They developed an in-depth understanding of the particular needs and sensitivities of different ethnic communities across North America and implicitly grasped the challenges facing these communities in today’s post 9/11 era. Perceptage International has extensive experience protecting various ethnic communities that have been the target of terrorist and racist activities.

Perceptage International employs leading experts in numerous areas of security, including former military operators, secret service, law enforcement officers, cybersecurity experts, criminologists, and security directors of multinational companies.

Perceptage has designed and delivered emergency awareness & response training programs to over 8000 students, 5000 employees in Schools, Healthcare facilities, financial institutions, and Government municipalities. We have audited & trained hundreds of institutions, including schools, daycares, community centers, places of worship, summer camps and assisted living facilities.