Adam Cohen is a licensed security consultant & private investigator  with the Bureau de la Sécurité Privée. He has extensive experience protecting various ethnic communities that have been the target of terrorist and racist activities. Between 2009 to 2016 Adam was the Director of Community Security in charge of protecting Jewish Communities all across Canada.

Adam has over 20 years of security-related experience which includes a military service in a combat unit, working with the private and public sectors, and serving government related organizations.

Adam has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies around the globe and has developed an in-depth understanding of the particular needs and sensitivities of different ethnic communities across North America and implicitly grasps the challenges facing these communities in today’s post 9/11 era.


In 2015, Adam was awarded the “Man of the Year” award (temple de la renommée) by the Montreal Police Intelligence Department for his contribution to the National Lockdown Project and his volunteer work with communities at risk in Canada.

Following three years of military service in the IDF, Adam served as a Court Marshal for the Jerusalem District Court leading a team of 30 special agents responsible for the personal protection of high profile judges and their families, lawyers identified as “at risk”, as well as prisoners and civilians identified as needing specialized protection.

20+ years of experience in the industry

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