Our team of security experts provide comprehensive site threat assessment. We conduct advanced site evaluation and provide a detailed Security Assessment Report. The report is prepared by our team of specialists, and contains details of the security teams findings. The report includes drawing of the building layout, clear images of all access points and any vulnerabilities found by the security evaluation team.  Following the delivery of the report we offer a debriefing and strategy discussion regarding the implementation of the report. During the debrief we explain the need to address critical, semi-critical and non-critical items as well as the implementation of our security recommendations. Sample Security Assessment Report.

We also offer high-risk event planning, and operational and budgetary guidance for large scale security projects. Our services include pre-construction security design review, security and emergency preparedness assessment, development of enterprise level security standards, risk management and loss prevention coordination, coordination with crisis communications provider, security equipment procurement and installation oversight and emergency simulation (tabletops).