Discreet Yet Effective Security Guard Services

Our security guard services are discreet yet effective. Our team’s vast experience and training allow us to determine the optimal methods to monitor the protected sites or individuals. It also allows us to better assess and propose the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our security agents do not remain in a single spot for long and are trained to continuously patrol the protected sites as required.

Our Security Guards Can Take on More Than One Role

At Perceptage International we pride ourselves in the ability of our security guards to fill more than one function. Many of our guards work as concierge or front desk attendants for residential properties and retirement homes. This 24/7 service saves residential facilities the need to hire and manage their own personnel for Front Desk positions.

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We Assess Threats and Develop the Appropriate Plan

Our security guard services begin with an assessment of the protected site. We pinpoint vulnerabilities that may pose a risk of theft (loss prevention) or a physical threat to our client (employees, visitors or students’ safety).

Our experts then produce a dedicated security and intervention plan that will mitigate such potential weak points in the most cost-effective way for our client. During our initial site assessment, our security experts look at all other potential threats, including those that were not mentioned by the client.

Following years of security industry experience, we learned that many times clients are focused on specific concerns, but forget to pay attention to other, sometimes more critical, security breaches to their environment.

Put Our Experience to Use Our team currently consists of around 290 security agents. Together, they provide an average of 6,500 to 7,000 hours of security guarding services per week. Our Perceptage International security team is continuously growing and building up its expertise in the industry.

Perceptage International Specialized Intervention Team

All members of our specialized Intervention Team are handpicked from a variety of Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds.
Current members of our team have previously served as:

  • Law enforcement officers
  • Military operators
  • Secret service
  • Criminologists
  • Security directors for multinational corporations
  • Cybersecurity experts

Several members of our team have protected leaders of states at the 2018 G7 summit in Canada. Others served as close protection officers, threat assessment specialists, firefighters, or as part of a quick reaction task force for government officials.

Varied Perspectives Our Threat Assessment experts will usually evaluate our clients’ unique personal or organizational needs in order to determine which of our team members would be the best fit for the task. We remain in continuous communication with our field agents in order to get their input and take advantage of their perspective on how to best protect our clients and their assets. Combining Skills from

Our Other Services Many of the skills that our team puts to use as security professionals overlap with the other specialized services that we offer at Perceptage International.

Threat Assessments’ Vulnerability Testing

At Perceptage International we provide detailed threat assessments and emergency preparedness plans for large scale events and vulnerable facilities such as hospitals, transportation hubs, universities, food processing plants, luxury brands and residential properties.

Private Investigations

Our Private Investigations department consists of former Police Detectives and Military Cyber Intelligence Officers. They bring years of operational experience and methodologies that gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. Over the years, Perceptage International analysts successfully led high profile investigations related to corporate fraud, organized crime, missing persons, infidelity, non-disclosure and non-compete violations, work injuries and more.