• We operate a 24/7 remote monitoring central with real human operators (not motion sensing algorithms issuing “false” alerts) who are trained to monitor individual camera feeds from our clients’ sites (commercial, residential, etc.)
  • Our remote monitoring central can connect to almost any cameras surveillance system from around world, as long as it is connected to the internet and we are given the IP address, username and password.
  • If there are no cameras already available onsite, we also install both fixed and temporary systems as needed (whether for a limited time at a remote construction site with no power and/or internet access, or for permanent usage at any commercial or residential properties).
  • At our remote monitoring central, the same operators are scheduled to work for the same clients and at the same daily shifts so they have a better and more “intimate” understanding of our clients’ daily routines. This allows them to quickly identify any abnormalities in our clients’ environments.
  • For every group of operators there is a shift supervisor making sure the team is performing at the highest capacity and to troubleshoot any potential incidents.
  • The operators working in our central are handpicked and trained by former IDF border protection officers specializing in remote monitoring of sensitive infrastructure.
  • Our IDF border protection officers are also present onsite in order to continuously examine our monitoring central equipment and personnel to guarantee optimal performance at all times.
  • Our central is equipped with a dedicated fiber optic feed, electricity generators and enough fuel, water and food supplies to ensure undisturbed coverage for our clients, even under extreme circumstances.
  • Once an abnormal/suspicious activity is identified at one of our clients’ premises, our operators follow the SOP (standard operating protocols) that were predetermined with our client during the initial setup.
  • Our immediate response protocols vary from notifying the client or someone on their behalf (site supervisor, security company and/or guards onsite), calling 911 and providing them with a description of the perpetrators, license plates, direction of escape, etc. If available onsite, our operators will also activate lights and sirens and inform the intruders that they are being watched and police are on their way.
  • Our operators are “matched” to their designated clients so that with time they get familiar with their sector of observation and can identify the slightest abnormalities onsite. Anything potentially suspicious is immediately reported and the SOP is deployed, at times even before the perpetrators succeed getting into our clients’ premises.
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